Gerry Almond (18 Apr 2011)

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Glory to God in the Highest


Gerry Almond

To:  All Doves, and especially the watchers and prophecy buffs:

Let’s be reasonable.  The mainstream gospel presenters and prophecy preachers of this day continue to believe that we are near the start of the “seven year tribulation period” and that the Church will be taken before day 1 of that period.  I am here to tell you that there may be a 7 year tribulation period, but the rapture event is not at the beginning of the 70th week of Daniel’s prophecy!

Proof?  Well, how much more proof do Christians need than to observe the prophetic time clock called Israel?  Let’s take a look.

Daniel’s 70th week is two periods of 1,260 each, followed by a special 75 days as Daniel was informed of in chapter 12 of his book.  That makes the 2nd half of his “week” of years 1,335 days when these are added to the 1,260 days.  But, the 70th week of Daniel itself is still 2 periods of 1,260 days.  The 75 days are extra.

!--------------------1,260 days----------!-------------1,260 days---------------!---75 days--!

!--------------------1,260 days----------!--------------------1,335 days-----------------------!

!-------------------------------------2,520 days-----------------------------------!---75 days--!

!----------------------------------------2,595 days------------------------------------------------!

The pre-tribulation theory of the rapture event of the Church says that we, the true believers will be removed before day 1 of the 2,595 days in the chart above.  However, the scripture does not definitively say this.  It says that we will not go through any part of the WRATH of GOD, which begins when the man of sin, the antichrist proclaims himself to BE GOD, in the temple of God, in the middle of the week as detailed in 2 Thessalonians 2.  The exemption of our not going through the first ½ of the 70th week of Daniel’ prophecy is based on the doctrine of“imminency”.  This doctrine says that Jesus could return for His Church at any time, from the birthday of the Church onward until He actually does come for her.  It would be a complete surprise as “no man knows the day or hour” so often quoted from Matthew 24, vs 32-36. 

But, we know now, that such is not to be the case.  But neither is the so called “mid –tribulation theory.  How should we know?  I’m glad that you asked.

Israel is God’s time clock.  Until she was regathered in the land of her forbears, there was no biblical basis to expect the return of Christ in the rapture, nor His return to deliver Israel into the Kingdom.  The Dispensational truth of God’s plan of the Ages clearly worked against that as 6,000 years has to pass until these events.  The regathering of Israel in 1948 clearly marked the “end of the age”.  All events that identify the “end” as Jesus detailed them in Matthew 24 and 25 in the great Olivet Discourse could not be UNLESS ISRAEL WERE PRESENT IN THE LAND.  Surely, you watchers know this to be so.

If it is given that Israel is God’s time clock or time line if you please, the reasonable thing to consider is that JUST AS IT WAS IN THE DAYS OF NOAH of Matthew 24, included the 120 years of preparation for destruction of that world during which an ark was built.  God has allowed another 120 years before this world is destroyed, the only difference being that the first time was by water, and this time is by fire.  That time count for Israel is being repeated because of the “sign of Noah” in this period of her existence, during this generation living on the earth.

As previously posted, 120 years x 360 days per year (as it was then) = 43,200 days.
As previously posted, 120 years x 360 days per year (as applied now) = 43,200 days and this period is found from the first establishment of the resurrection of the dry bones of Israel until the Kingdom.  In other words, 43,200 days is the entire life of regathered modern Israel from her (re)birth to the end of the age and day 43,201 will be the first day into the Kingdom of 1,000 years, i. e. 360,000 days, called the Millenium by Bible scholars.

!--------------------------------------120 yrs x 360 days----------------------------------------!
!------------------------------------------43,200 days---------------------------------------------!
              Days give Noah to prepare the ark to the saving of his household

8/29/1897-------------------------------43,200 days----------------------------------12/7/2015
                       Days given modern Israel to the saving if her household

Noah exited the ark to a to a new start, in a “new world”
Israel exits the old world to a new start in a “new world” more glorious than before

The Israel as God’s time clock works this way:

Theodor Herzel founded the First Zionist Congress which provided for a Jewish presence in the Holy Land now called Palestine on August 29, 1897.  Exactly 43,125 days later is September 23, 2015, the exact match to the solar and lunar eclipses which signified the end of the 70th week of Daniel found by Pastor Mark Biltz.  This is the end of 70th week of Daniel.  Add to that 75 days from Daniel 12 and you have December 7, 2015, the exact end of the 43,200 days and the entrance in the Millenial Kingdom of the Lord Jesus Christ.

This is proof positive that there can be no tribulation days past September 23, 2015.  In other words, the GREAT TRIBULATION is over.  The 75 days after that is preparation to enter the Kingdom and then comes the Kingdom itself. 

So, what reasonable conclusion does this give?  Simply this, that the worldwide economic collapse of September 29, 2008, followed within a month by the rise of a man who made a covenant with millions as part of his election campaign to the Presidency of the greatest power on planet earth, from which he planned to bring in his socialist agenda and change, not only to America, but to the world occurred.  And he planned to use America as his means to rise to the top.  That event occurred on October 29, 2008 as it was already October 30, 2008 in Jerusalem and began the 70th week of Daniel’s prophecy.  It was day 1 of the first ½ of the so-called tribulation period.  We are now 2 ½ years into it.

Now look back at the covenant today.  Has the change for the world gotten better?  Has it changed for the better?  Has the world not been in and still isin“tribulation”? Are not the pangs of birth consisting of major earthquakes and such not gotten stronger?  And is it not approaching “great” trouble (tribulation) sometime soon?  Is man’s great scourge, nuclear radiation, not loose on earth?  Is the earth not literally coming apart?  Isn’t this “tribulation”?  I have never seen days such as these in my nearly 79 years of life.

Well, based on this opening date of October 29/30, 2008, we find the rise of that man who wants to be God announcing himself as God to be April 11/12, 2012.  This means that a temple will be built within this next year as we are currently at April 17, 2011 as I write this.

So, brethren, let’s be reasonable.  How can it be any different than presented herein IF ISRAEL IS GOD’S TIME CLOCK??

One final thought.  The prophet Amos told us that YHWH would never “ambush” us by saying that all His works would be foretold by His servants, the prophets.  The word “all” must necessarily include the rapture event.  And I submit that He has been true to His Word. 


Gerry Almond