Gail (26 Apr 2011)
"Momentum Part III"

The headlines that merit watching.
There is more than one nuclear power plant disabled. 

Georgia nuclear reactor idled unexpectedly still shut down 04/22/11

Waynesboro GA near South Carolina border. 

Dominion's Surry Virginia plant may be offline for days 04/19/11
The Nuclear Regulatory Commission says the damage interrupted the station's connections to off-site power from the electrical grid.
This same plant went down in February 2011 for repair. 
The cooling of the reactors is via diesel powered generators.

distance from Surry, VA

36 Miles to Norfolk Va

122 Miles to Washington DC (our capital)


Naval Station Norfolk is the World's largest Naval Military Base. Clearly an important security feature of the United States. 

Watch the news unfold about Surry Virginia's Nuclear Power Plant, it's gonna cripple the U.S. strategic defense.


 Power woes shutter oldest S Korean nuclear facility 04/14/11 


Syrian forces raid homes as Assad opposition mounts 04/23/11


"Bashar al-Assad, you traitor, you coward. Take your soldiers to the Golan," protesters chanted on Saturday, chiding Assad for turning his forces on his own people instead of recapturing the Golan Heights, where the frontier with Israel has been quiet since a 1974 ceasefire.


N. Korea alleges 'madcap' conspiracy:  April 24, 2011 
North Korea's defense chief Sunday said in Pyongyang he's aware of a South Korean and U.S. plot to attack and vowed pre-emptive measures.

Middle East peace process set for new airing 04/24/11

Obama would make a speech on the Middle East "perhaps soon," one US official confirmed to AFP.

"He will be talking about what's been going on in the Middle East, the various revolutions. It's not going to be a speech for just the peace process."

The Arab uprisings sweeping many Middle East nations -- traditional partners in helping bring Israel and the Palestinians to the negotiating table -- have complicated the equation for the United States.

"A lot of this, we're still sorting out. When you look at what's happening in Syria... For any peace to work, Syria has to be a part of that," the official said.

Does it all rest with Syria? Does the UN convene and call for 'Peace and Safety' as a result of syrian atrocities?

An eminent jurists' group said on Sunday 04/24/11, the U.N. Security Council must investigate "mass killings" by the security forces which it said may warrant prosecution by the International Criminal Court. Human Rights Watch also called for a U.N. investigation and for international sanctions on Syria.

The crackdown unleashed a chorus of international condemnation.

AJC Calls for Decisive UN Action on Syria 04/22/11

AJC (American Jewish Committee) also called on the UN Security Council to convene a special session on Syria, as it did in the case of Libya in February.


Syria uses army to crush uprising 04/25/11


Syria sharply escalated its already deadly campaign to crush a five-week uprising early Monday, sending troops backed by tanks, snipers and knife-wielding security forces into the southern city where the rebellion began.

"We need international intervention. We need countries to help us," shouted a witness in Daraa.


In Geneva, the U.N. human rights chief, Navi Pillay, said Syria has turned its back on international calls to "stop killing its own people."

"Instead, the government's response has been erratic, with paper reforms followed by violent crackdowns on protesters ... The killings must stop immediately," Pillay said.

Remember this?
My wife had a dream Sunday morning:

"I was in a room.  A crowd of people are in this room.  I saw Obama and some other people sitting on some chairs at a higher level than the others.  I heard them use the word veto.  They were discussing what should be done, and were saying to veto something.  Then I'm looking around the room at all these people.  To my right, I saw a lady with a microphone and it seemed like she was a reporter.  Then I heard people talking to the reporter about the wedding.  The reporter was sad because she's waiting for the groom and the groom didn't come and all these people are there.  I heard someone speaking behind me and I turned and looked.  He was telling the bride, saying that she's going to go through some tough times and he was encouraging her.  I heard the people start chanting, come, come, come.  In the dream, I was thinking he might not come now.  After I thought that, I saw him coming.  He came with another person.  I don't know if it was an angel.  His walking was brisk, and he took his place beside the bride.  There was silence in the room.

The Lord revealed to me that the thought I had in the dream is the thoughts of many of his children - that he's not coming now.
- joe M  jan 3 2011
my point- (Israel combating Gaza and West Bank crimes, may bring UN down to critical vote still.)
I have always told you when the Rapture would not be. Years ago when I told you something great would happen in April I was referring to this April 2011. The time has come. The glory of the LORD shall fall on all those who love My appearing. The time is at hand for Me to become even closer to My Bride.
Let this time be bittersweet as one who waits by the telephone or the mail to hear from their Beloved. Oh! and when that communication comes! What joy! What loving conversation. Your heart seems to burst for joy!  Just continue to anticipate My return. It will be much more 'rapturous' when it happens.
Because you and the Doves want to know, I tell you now that I will give you a warning of My impending arrival - your departure. You will hear the cry of the archangel that the Bridegroom is on the way. Prior to that I will tell many, many of you that the Catching Away is within days. You will not be left as wandering sheep without the clear and decisive voice of your Shepherd. Fear not, Little Doves, for I am watching over you and I promise you will hear My voice as the time draws near."

-Shelva Sirry Apr 23 2011
 Sudden destruction Big Time :

 The latest earthquakes in central Asia are centered around faults close to the article I posted about Lake Sarez in eastern province of Pamir in Tajikistan.  When the earth erupts, that really high altitude lake will give way to an inland tsunami killing millions in central asia. 

MAP  4.6   2011/04/21 14:18:32    36.467    70.587  143.2 


MAP  4.7   2011/04/20 08:18:52    37.895    68.642  10.4   TAJIKISTAN

MAP  4.2   2011/04/25 05:15:46    37.494    71.814  126.1   TAJIKISTAN

'Obama drafting potential new peace proposal'

White House officials are working furiously on new negotiation plan, "The New York Times" reports; Hillary Clinton calls for immediate resumption of peace talks.

Obama's plan is tipped to call for the division of Jerusalem, with the city serving as the capital of both states.

-Keep in mind, Minister Kilpatrick's warning of Major Quake on New Madrid Fault for splitting up Jerusalem.


Any New Madrid Quake @ this time, will be very catastrophic.  Look @ the weather, both tornadic and major flooding all record levels centered right in the New Madrid Area.

The ground is greatly saturated.

The Mississippi river will be greatly impacted. 

America's Artery of Commerce: The Mighty Mississippi

The 'Big Muddy' remains vital to health of national economy

Hernando De Soto Bridge and the significance of the Mississippi River.

"The more traffic you see coming under that bridge,” he asserts, "the lower gas prices go. It shows how important this river is, and always has been, for shipping”  double-hull tanker barges carrying petroleum from the Gulf Coast to refineries up the river.

But economic dependence on the Mississippi extends to far more than gas and oil. It also serves as the nation's primary transportation channel for fertilizer, industrial chemicals, lumber, pulp and paper, sand and gravel, steel and coal.

For Midwest grain farmers, it is a lifeline to the world. Corn, soybeans and wheat are shipped slowly down the river to ports in south Louisiana, then exported to foreign lands.

Pushed by 10,000-horsepower towboats, flotillas of barges ply the watery highway at 4 to 8 miles per hour, delivering more than 400 million tons of bulk cargo annually, federal statistics show.

Known as America's main artery of commerce, the mighty Mississippi meanders 2,350 miles — starting as a trickle of headwater in the north woods of Minnesota and growing to a mile-wide mouth at the Gulf of Mexico.


The latest severe weather outbreak is to target what they call Ark-La-Tex, or Arklatexoma.

It refers to cities in Arkansas, Texas, Louisiana, and Oklahoma.

What lies right off the gulf coast?

I posted this before- Our Strategic Oil Reserves. And there's research showing a louisiana-gulf connection with the New Madrid fault.

Those idled Nuclear Reactor Plants are being cooled via diesel generators. Fuel is going to be a very precious commodity.


Now is the time to Fast and Pray.


God Bless,