Gail (15 Apr 2011)
"Momentum part II"

Pro-Palestinian group: Activist kidnapped in Gaza 4/14/11

A pro-Palestinian group said Thursday that one of its activists, an Italian, has been kidnapped by Islamic militants in Gaza. The group set a deadline of Friday afternoon, threatening to execute the hostage.

In a message on the video, the extremist group that calls itself Monotheism and Holy War demanded that Hamas free its leader, arrested in early March, and two other members whose names had not been previously known.


Now we have two islamic extremists groups antagonizing one-another.

Temple Mount Activism in Honor of Passover  4/14/11

As in previous years, a group of Jews who wish to fulfill the commandment of offering the sacrifice on Passover eve, this coming Monday, have asked for police protection.

Netanyahu’s office responded that the matter is something for the security bodies to decide.

SOLAR ACTIVITY HEATS UP: No, it's not your imagination. Solar activity really is picking up. 4/14/11

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