GabriDon (27 Apr 2011)
"Very Interesting Videos ( Spring Rapture )"

This man was up to something --- The only difference is that he was off a year as he supposed 2010 that to be the Rapture --  BE READY FOR 2011 VERY SOON THIS SPRING, Our Redemption Draws Nigh ---AMEN  !!!! 
I just posted 5 Videos , feel free to watch the series ......Enjoy, however,  I do believe the time has come, the clock is at 11:59 with 48 seconds to 12:00, it is time to spread the Word of Gods Forgiveness, Salvation, and Redemption in Jesus name --- Get right with God ASAP warn your loved ones ( get your house in order ) pray for one another  ---  Brothers and Sisters in Christ WE ARE GOING HOME !!!