FJ (1 Apr 2011)
"Nissan 11-18 & 111 Connection"


On the Jewish Calendar, Nissan 11 falls on April 15.

Nissan 11 can therefore be considered 111 for example (day eleven of the first month of the Jewish Calendar).

Noah was in the Ark 7 days before the flood.

If we add 7 more days we arrive at Nissan 18 which is in the middle of the Passover.

Passover itself is over an 8 day period. And the 18th of Nissan falls on day 4 of Passover which on our calendar is 22nd of April.

According to this theory, the Rapture could be the 11th of Nissan or April 15 followed by a sudden destruction on April 22nd.

Also, very interestingly, from the Japan Earthquake and Tsunami of March 11th to the 22nd of April is exactly 42 days or in other words 1 month and 11 days (111).

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