Fay (6 April 2011)
"Just Pondering"

Hi John and Doves,
As we grow more tense, more watchful and more desperate to go home, the proposed dates for our blessed hope seem to be many. Hey - it could even happen tonight (5th April). I am still watching the 111th day of the year - 21st April 2011 - and the whole Firstfruits weekend.
The Christchurch earthquake occurred on 22nd February 2011. Our beloved brother, JR Church, passed on 22nd March 2011. If we are still here, I fully expect something prophetic to happen on 22nd April 2011. It's also interesting to note the '11's' in play as well. The Japan earthquake occurred on 11th March 2011 and the controversial 'veil ban' in France, comes into force on 11th April 2011. Methinks there will be repercussions! More butchery in the Muslim world.
A fascinating date to watch is 22nd May 2011. Not only because it would be a carry on of the pattern set by the Christchurch quake and JR Church's passing, but also the following: The 22nd May is 111 days from January 31st 2011. January 31st was 111 days from the Chile Mine rescue. 222 days altogether, from the rescue. The 21st May is 88 days from the Christchurch quake. If our blessed hope happens from sundown 21st May to sunrise on 22nd May - the numbers are certainly there. We would have celebrated the 63rd anniversary of Israel's Independence (22nd May minus 14th May = 8 days) and it would certainly be on a day divorced from any feasts or high holy days. An ' unexpected' day.
Pentecost (8th June 2011) is 333 days from the solar eclipse of 11th July 2010. Just a reminder!