Fay (6 April 2011)
"EAR re Beast from the Sea"

Hi John and Doves,
EAR, your post:- http://www.fivedoves.com/letters/apr2011/ear45-2.htm
Thank you for laying that out so well. I was also attempting to (still am) get to the bottom of just who the top dogs are in the major oil companies. Let's face it - these chaps are the power behind the 'thrones'. I was also trying to figure out who the 'crowns' belong to - which kingdoms etc. It's a difficult one!!! The way I see it, EAR (what does that stand for - I keep picturing an actual ear. Sorry! : )) The Western nations seem to be behind the Middle East unrest - aiding and abetting (practically providing the cheer leaders and 'Ra - Ra girls) the Islamic fundamentalists rise to power. It's such an extraordinary volte face - particularly with the anger and suspicion that reigned after 9/11. I can only think that TPTB figure they'll be able to 'control' these radicals (go figure!?) in order to secure their oil. If this is the case (nothing else seems logical) then they will have to offer up a sacrifice to secure the Islamist's allegiance. Israel will be that sacrifice (she is already being gift wrapped). Not only that - the Great Satan (USA) will have to fall. America is full to the brim with Christians who will not go along with this nonsense for too much longer. America will NEVER willingly accept the communist doctrine that Obama is bent on force-feeding to the people. There's not enough money to secure the union support either. Obama is going to have to find a short-cut to America's downfall BEFORE the 2012 elections. Because he sure as heck won't be voted in for another term. If Obama and crowd allow the 2012 elections to happen, they will lose - and if they lose, George Soros and all his years of plotting will come to nought. They simply cannot allow this to happen. They are desperate for their New World Order.
We have to remember the occultist side to this as well. London, Washington, New York and many other major cities have their Babylonian symbols and statues on full display. If they are true to their 'faith' in satan, it is their duty to eradicate Israel. Their master would have informed them that they can beat the God of the Bible IF they manage to annihilate God's people and God's holy city. Then - and only then - can they achieve their own 'godhood'. Hence the determined effort to blacken Israel's international reputation and make it seem 'okay' to be a Jew hater. This is the scenario that is happening right now - before our eyes. It's utterly heartbreaking. Soros and crowd are meeting on 8th April to put the finishing touches on a new financial system. We are on the brink.
One last thing - I believe that the European Union will be the last power. They will play the Islamic card for as long as it suits them. By all accounts, the future AC wants to be worshipped. As much as he won't stand for Christians and Jews - he will not stand for the baying Muslims either. Not for very long, anyway. The AC will not garner the adoration of the nations if he is pro Islamic fundamentalist. The final nations who partake in the war of Gog and Magog, at the end, will be economic slaves of the AC. Only my opinion!!
God Bless you, EAR and all the Doves
In Jesus' Beloved Name