Fay (29 April 2011)
"Suzi re BHO"

Hi John and Doves,
Suzi - your post:- http://www.fivedoves.com/letters/apr2011/suzi428-2.htm  I think this is probably the creepiest thing Obama has done. I watched as he smirked his way through the press conference and shivered with revulsion. Several things struck me; a) The smirk was an effort and was one of someone attempting to make light of the whole subject. b) Obama's attempt at turning this massive issue into an annoying 'hindrance' would alert even his most ardent of fans. It was so fake. In fact, he looked tense and unsettled.
I'll tell you why he stumped up now, Suzi. Big names had got involved and those big names have big voices and appeal to a lot of people. Donald Trump for Big Business and Franklin Graham for the huge Christian community. Obama panicked. If this so-called birth certificate was absolutely genuine - he would have produced it a long time ago. For a sneaky, conniving back-stabber - Obama and his minions ain't so smart!! The timing is atrocious and has only served to make everyone even more suspicious. What a Wally (as the Brits would say)