Fay (27 April 2011)
"All Doves - Important"

Hey John and Doves,
Hope you all had a lovely long weekend. We're enjoying glorious weather in UK!
I really need the opinion of the numbers boffins re this old post from February 2011. Please, please read carefully and see if you get any insight on what was shown to me. I am being urged, by the LORD, to repost this and bring it to the Dove's attention.
http://www.fivedoves.com/letters/feb2011/fay222.htm Please note that these insights from the LORD were given to me before Egypt erupted. So, the 666PAL was a definite heads up.
There are also an abundance of '9/11' signals coming from the LORD which I don't believe we're paying enough attention to. Check out the numbering of the current sunspots on www.spaceweather.com  . I also need some instruction on how to find Lauren's (?) post, a few weeks back, re 'a greater 9/11'. I am seeing 9/11 everywhere and I am truly sorry that I haven't been recording these strange coincidences. The majority of the time the number sequence is arranged backwards (as the current sunspots are)  i.e. 1193, 1196 etc. I do feel, very deeply, that a major catastrophe - on a par ( if not bigger) with the Japan earthquake on 11th March, is looming. There are several interesting dates up for consideration. 22nd May 2011 is 222 days from the Chile Mine Rescue. Interestingly, the 21st May is 88 days from the Christchurch earthquake of 22nd February 2011. Then there is the wonderful article, written by JR Church just before he died, regarding 8th June. Then there is Mercer's Av 9. Av 10 (10th August 2011) happens to be the 222nd day of the year.
It's all a tad confusing but - let's admit it - it's wonderful trying to figure it out. I still feel very sure that our LORD will give us an unmistakable warning beforehand. This warning will be given to those who are watching and will be a 'dead cert'. The secular world will not take much notice, of course. The LORD will not leave us without instruction.
God Bless us all.
In Jesus' Beloved Name