Fay (22 Apr 2011)
"Myra and Doves"

Hi John , Myra and Doves,
I have just finished arranging and planting my summer garden. I was feeling tired and scratchy - just wanted a hot shower and collapse to watch the news. For some reason, I popped back outside to have a seat in the garden. I nearly fell off my chair when I saw the Heron fly, elegantly, over my garden towards the East. This is what I've been waiting for - yearning for. Our glorious, Almighty God would not send the Heron without good reason. Praise His Beloved Name.
I'm in a state of numb shock because I wasn't even thinking about the Heron. The LORD is telling us something very important. I can't believe the wonder of it - seeing the Heron so soon after your old post got slipped in again, Myra. In error!! What are the chances??
If we are all here tomorrow (22nd April 2011) , I am pretty sure that something prophetic is going to occur. We had the Christchurch earthquake on 22nd February and our brother, JR Church passed on 22nd March. A third *something* may very well happen.
We are so very close. The very air is vibrating with tension.
May God Bless us all.
In Jesus' Beloved Name