Fay (15 Apr 2011)
"Patty Hayes"

Patty, your post:- http://www.fivedoves.com/letters/apr2011/pattyh414.htm
I was not going to respond to this, at first. Retain my dignity and all that. However, there are certain things that warrant a strong response.
Firstly, I am not judging Glenn Beck on his Mormon faith. He is free to worship whomever he chooses - just don't try and equate it to Biblical Christianity if it is clearly not. Secondly, you maintain that other Christians have pulled stuff 'out of context' in order to be deceitful about Glenn Beck. An interesting accusation. As far as I have read, throughout my research, the only thing true Christians are 'guilty' of is defending their faith. Thirdly, you maintain that Glenn Beck actually does believe in the Christianity of the Bible. I will only believe this when he stands up, on national television, or writes yet another book, publicly divorcing himself from the Mormon faith and doctrine. He'd better make it pretty clear because another lovely Mormon tradition is a thing that they've got going, called, "Lying for God".
Let's deal with the other accusations:-
Jealousy - Of what am I jealous of, pray tell?
Fear mongering - Defending my faith is 'fear mongering'?
Sin - Defending my LORD and Saviour is a 'sin'?
Gossiping - Defending my faith is 'gossip'?
I guess the above accusations are a little better than being equated to 'neo Nazi's' and being accused of 'eating and devouring my own'. It's the height of irony that some of the worst insults I have ever endured have been on this forum. It is also the height of irony, that these insults have been when I am defending the Christian faith and our LORD and Saviour, whilst the other parties are defending..... Glenn Beck (!)
This is no reflection on the Five Dove website or the wonderful, hard work of our brother, John Tng. Just an observation.
In Jesus' Beloved Name