Fay (1 April 2011)
"The Root of all Evil"

Hi John and Doves,
Following on with my 'oil and money' search:
1Ti 6:10  For the love of money is the root of all evil: which while some coveted after, they have erred from the faith and pierced themselves through with many sorrows.
The way I see it, the West and others, have always attempted to placate the Middle East 'Israel Haters' because they have coveted the oil in the Middle East. This is apparent throughout current Israel's young history. In the old days, Satan had other methods to attempt to annihilate God's chosen people. He soon grasped the greed and money side to humans and is using this successfully. Satan couldn't destroy the Jews - via Hitler - on an 'ethnic/religious' basis. He did a pretty good job but only succeeded in bringing about the nation of Israel. History is a witness to Satan's rage at this. Satan has many irons in the fire right now. Islam is a big one and the 2nd is oil - aka Money and Power. Join the two together, (Money and religion) and Satan has a powerful force.
In order to 'conquer' the Middle East (and their oil) the West are making a huge deal out of 'supporting democracy'. In the meantime, putting their little dictators (yes men) in place. Dictators who won't argue with them. This farce is taking center stage right now - before the eyes of the whole world. We, the people, keep quiet because we've been nerve-ended into all this 'progressive / PC / socialist' hype - thanks to the likes of Obama, the EU and the old New Labour party of Britain. The West has been doing this for donkey's years, in Africa. It's a proven formula. Whilst they raped Africa, they had us coughing up money for the zillions of 'charities' who supposedly were helping the starving masses. Ha! If you had lived in Africa (as I have) you would have been witness to these so-called charities, driving around in their brand new 4x4's, brandishing their cell phones and laptops! Has Africa improved one single bit in all these years of 'charitable' giving? Not a jot. If I see one more advert on TV, picturing a starving child with flies in his/her eyes, I shall scream. It's all a giant rip-off. Yes - there are hungry children in Africa but our charitable giving does not benefit them. Not in the way that it should have. The Western governments are lying to us about the Middle East now. This is all about oil. They will dish Israel up as the sacrificial lamb - in return for ME obedience to their demands and to placate Islamic sensibilities and demands. This will back-fire (Psalm 83 war) so they'll sign a 'treaty' with Israel. The problem will be that they can't get their greedy hands on Israel's new found oil and gas reserves. This will be the final clincher.
Doves - the point of all this ranting (sorry! That BP oil documentary just did my head in) is that we are SO close. We're so close, we could almost touch it. We need to spend a lot of time in prayer. Not only for the LORD to consider us worthy but we need to pray for our LORD'S will to be done. The LORD'S prayer is a priority. Our prayers are essential. We have to pray for all the Christians of the world - all the victims of the world and for Israel. Pray for Israel. I look out and up at the sky and I can literally feel that our LORD is close. We are His army - our prayers are our weapons.
May God Bless us All
In Jesus' Beloved Name