Erick Butler (2 Apr 2011)
"Major Prophetic Development Happening Now!"

I have never posted before on Five Doves, but I read the site every day. I do not know whether anyone else has posted on this breaking news yet for viewing tomorrow, so here it is. I thought it too big not to miss, like the a prophetic "freight train" on full speed.
On dated 4/1/11 there are two major stories which bear serious review.
The 1st story is about the Arabs using Facebook to recruit "millions" to march against Isreal, on Israeli soil on 5/14/2011, the anniversity of Israel's national birth. In reading the story, they are recruiting for "millions" to march with the Palestinian flag, within Isreal's borders, regardless of blood. The story mentions wanting Arabs from Syria, Egypt, Jordan, Gaza, the West Bank, and Lebanon to particapate, the same nations/territories mentioned in the Bible as inciting the beginning of the Psalm 83 war. If Israel's security and the safety of its people become threatened by this event, no telling if this will indeed become the Psalm 83 war.  If it does, the next step would be international condemnation of Isreal, and action by Russia and Iran immediately following (Gog/Magog war). Look out & Look up!
Here is the Link:
The 2nd story further strengthens the relevance of the 1st story. It tells how Hizbollah has been fortifying South Lebanon with hundreds of bunkers and underground weapons storage facilities in civilian populated areas (residential, hospitals, schools nearby) in violation of UN war crimes regulations. Isreali intelligence has provided detailed locations of all these bunkers and storage facilities to the Washington Post which supposedly printed the information recently. If it is a war crime, where is the UN outcry against Hizbolla and Lebanon??  Further, the fact that this area is gearing up at fast pace for war, along with the fact that the mideast arabs want to march against Israel with "millions" on 5/14/2011 to "drive them out" is disturbing news for Israel and the rest of the world.
Here is the Link:
For those of us trusting in our magnificent Lord and Savior Jesus Christ it is further proof of the nearness of the Rapture of His saints.
Come Lord Jesus, its time and we're ready!
Thanks, Erick. Welcome to the Doves!