Erick (27 Apr 2011)
"Who is the AntiChrist and the False Prophet?"

Dear Doves,

I am attaching two very important links that you simply must read. Yes, they are both very lengthy - full of information and documentation to back up everything.

But for the serious end-times bible scholar, they are a must read even if it takes you more than one read to complete them.

The first link explains why Prince William could be the political AntiChrist. The second link why the Pope could be the False Prophet.

Okay. I know from reading 5 Doves posts now for well over a year where many of you stand and what you believe regarding "O". I too have believed this at one time, from the very beginning of his supernatural  and unchallenged rise to political power.

But if you are truly serious, please read both of these links with an open mind, and pray first that God will give you wisdom and discernment.

Is "O" the one? Is Prince William, the Pope, Prince Charles, etc etc etc?? We will not know until that man reveals himself. But use this information to keep yourself looking at all possibilities and ready for anything in these evil last hours. I am beginning to believe that "O" is nothing more than a distraction from our spiritual enemy, Satan, from what his real objective is.

Hopefully, upon reading the following 2 links you will gain further understanding and curiosity. Curiosity to further search out Masonism ( occultic ) in the USA, the beginnings of Masonism, the Illuminati (the highest order of Masonism), and Illuminati symbols and  hand gestures (in politics, entertainment, religion ) that are used among the members to communicate publicly in a secret way.

These links are not the end of the matter.  They are but the beginning of the "rabbit hole" of what Satan is perpetrating upon this world through evil, wicked men.  Perhaps I will share further links to these in a future post depending on how these links today are received.

Hopefully, I am not wrong in assuming that the readers of Five Doves would be open minded, not closed,  regarding what you are about to discover.

This is not conspiracy theory. This is documented fact.

Please, please, please. Take the time to read. It will be the most eye opening information you have read in a while, I promise.

Your brother in Jesus.

Link 1, The House of Windsor

Link2, The Papacy