Erick (16 Apr 2011)
"A dream 2 weeks ago"

Blessings and brotherly love, in Jesus awesome name,  to my brothers and sisters at 5 Doves.
I debated sharing this dream which I recieved  early April, but as I considered it I realized that perhaps someone in the body of Christ may be edified in hearing it. I have no doubt this was given to me by the Holy Spirit complete with the interpretration which I knew immediately upon waking up.
I was riding in a car as the passenger. In the driver's seat was a woman that I did not know, however she was doing the driving.  She decided that she was tired of driving and wanted to pull over and rest, so she did so in an abandoned parking lot.  It was nightime and dark outside the car. Suddenly a dangerous man came up to the driver side window of the car and began pounding on the window trying to get in.  Immediately I told her to start the car and get out of the parking lot NOW. She just turned her face to me and smiled and dreamily said, "there's no danger. Don't worry. Everything's ok".  Frantically, I told her the keys were in the ignition and all she had to do was start the car and get out NOW because the man outside the car wanted to harm us. Again she just smiled and dreamily said "Everything's ok".  I was dumbfounded and speechless at how oblivious she could be to the imminant and impending danger upon her. Then I woke up.
This is what the Holy Spirit revealed to me about this dream:  The car is our walk in Christ. The woman is the church. The nightime is the lateness of the hour of sin upon this world, and the man pounding on the window of the driver door is the evil about to be unleashed upon the unsuspecting and sleeping church.
The apostate church, who is the woman that I did not know (praise Jesus!), had pulled her "christian walk" to the side of the road so she could sleep instead of walk the Walk. But she has done so to her own perile because the hour now is late with sin and darkness everywhere. And in spite of the evil that is "right at the door" pounding to be unleashed upon her, and in spite of the warnings of Spirit filled believers (me in the dream, Hallejah!) regarding her safety,  she just sleepily and dreamily smiled at the warnings and says "don't worry, everything's ok". (end of dream and interpretation)
Just as the Spirit showed me how close evil is, even "right at the door" pounding , even more so is our victorious Savior Jesus Christ "right at the door" to redeem those who keep themselves pure in Jesus, through his blood and Spirit.
All Praise to our victorious Savior and Lord, Jesus, forever and ever!
PS. As the late christian recording Keith Green once said at a concert, "Jesus has been preparing a home for us for 2000 years. And if he has been working on our heavenly home for 2000 years, and it only took 6 days to create this world, then living down here must be like living in a garbage dump compared to whats going on up there".