Elliot Hong (8 Apr 2011)
"4/11 ?"

Dear Doves:
4/11 is 44 by multiply.
44 means Perdition, and Ron figured out 4/11 is 888 days from 11/4/08, the day that "O" was elected.
Could it be a clue that something might happen with the 44th Presidency on 4/11?
Because the 4.4 LA quake occurred at 4:04AM of Nisan 1 and the Resurrection(Firstfruits)day was 4/4 last year,
I thought April 4 this year( Adar II 29/Nisan 1) could be the day for SD & the Blessed Hope.
Pastor Mike Hoggard mentioned in his video that 3/11 suggests 33 degree and the Japan quake was the definite
sign that AC will rise very soon. Perhaps 4/11 could be the day which will open the door for AC to rise in the near future.
Since the Lord told Amanda "I'll make it obvious," how about this speculation?
2/11 --- Mubarak resigned
3/11 --- Japan quake & tsunami
4/11 --- SD/Departure?
Again, I don't know the date, just present a possibility.
See you soon,