Elliot Hong (27 Apr 2011)
"More thoughts about the Royal Wedding"

Dear Doves:
After the letter "A hidden clue in the upcoming Royal Wedding?" was posted, a friend emailed me
advising that AC should be a Syrian and of a fierce countenance.
My question is that if AC is a Syrian, how it's possible Jews accept him as the Messiah.  Jews know
very well the Messiah comes from the tribe of Judah.  I'm not sure William is from the blood line of
the Judah tribe, but it's very possible.  To me, the blood line should be the most essential element
to distinguish AC.
Recently there were several posts claiming that the Islam Mahdi will be AC, but I disagree.  Not only
the Islam Mahdi is not going to be from the blood line of the Judah tribe, but also Daniel clearly
prophesied that AC will arise among 10 kings who are from the Roman Empire.
To resume the redemption work for the Chosen people, God turns the time back to when the Messiah
was cut off so that they'll learn what went wrong.  The ruling power at the time of Jesus was the Roman
Empire, and this is why AC will arise from the revived Roman Empire.
In my opinion, AC will appear as a very loving, peaceful person in the beginning so that spiritually blinded
people will be deceived and follow him, then later he'll be totally changed.  I have seen many people
completely be changed.  So although William looks now as the nicest guy in the world, he could be totally
changed as a person of fierce countenance if he is possessed by the evil spirit.
As I read some articles, the Royal family is deeply involved with occult, so it's very possible that it's not
coincidence to pick the date which is the 66th anniversary of the wedding between Hitler and Eva Braun,
and it surely reveals the biblical significance of this upcoming Royal Wedding.
Diane Sawyer reported during ABC Evening News tonight saying that the biggest wish of Diana for her son,
William was "to be the above of everything else!" and it's becoming true.  Was her wish a prophecy foretelling
his destiny?
If William is indeed AC, what an amazing contrast it will be!  Only a few days after the Holy feasts commemorating
that the True Christ was rejected, humiliated, sacrificed by the most cruel punishment of crucifixion, the Fake Christ
is adored, loved, praised by the mankind as having the lavish wedding of the century.
I remember so well that Benedicto 16 was chosen exactly 4 days before the Passover, then had the lavish coronation
on the day of Passover as he was praised by the world.  Even 12 priests who represented 12 disciples of Jesus did
kneel down one by one before the new Pope and kissed at his ring.  What a blasphemy it was!  To me, all the players
are in place and all the signs came out, and the final act is ready to begin.
I thought the Glorious Wedding of the Lamb and the Bride would happen in Heaven before the Royal Wedding.  But
it looks now it'll come later.  How later?  No idea.  My speculations were all missed, so I'm not going to speculate
any more.
One thing for sure is that it's the design of God to show the contrast proceeding on two stages, Heaven and Earth so that
left behind people make the final choice, and no matter how this Royal Wedding is going to be magnificent, there will be
no comparison what so ever to the Heavenly Wedding of the King of the Universe and His Bride.
See you soon,