Elliot Hong (22 Apr 2011)
"A hidden clue  in the upcoming Royal Wedding?"

Dear Doves:
I'm not sure whether or not there was a post dealing with the same subject and content before.
Anyway, a thought came up to me while I was watching a special program about the upcoming Roayl Wedding.
We all know that the satan imitates God, and could it be possible that the Royal Wedding is an imitation of the
Wedding between the Christ and the Bride?  If it's so, it's a concret evidence that the Heavenly Wedding should
be held before 4/29 and the Blessed Hope could come true within a few days.
Perhaps the Royal Wedding on 4/29 was a clue God was telling us from the day 1 of it's announcement.
Is this why the Lord told Amanda "I'll make it obvious"?
I learned 4/29 in 1945 was a very special day as I watched the documentary film "The Third Reich" on the History
channel the other day.  It was the day that Hitler wed Eva Braun before killing themselves on the next day and
perhaps the date of the Royal Wedding was another clue suggesting the rebirth of the wicked kingdom.
"6" is the number of human, and 666 could suggest the highest social position in the world which is undoubtedly
the Royal Family.  I remember there were several posts suggesting William as one of AC candidates.
He is the prince and will be the king in the near future.  By the Jewish custom, William is in the same age as Jesus
when He began the ministry.  He is handsome, charming, gentle, meek and has an image as a peace loving person.
Recently he visited at the site where the Christchurch quake occurred, promoted himself as a humanitarian, and was
praised by many people.  He also has a good military background.
There is no doubt that the upcoming Royal Wedding will be watched by the whole world, and William will be admired
and loved by the mankind.  Especially, if the Rapture takes place before the Royal Wedding, he could be exalted as a
new leader of the world.  What a perfect timing!  Of course, it's hard to visualize William as AC, but it could be a surprise.
Again, I'm just speculating a possibility, and we'll find out in a few days.
See you soon,