Elliot Hong (16 Apr 2011)
"About 4/21"

Dear Doves:
4/21(US Time) is 4/22(Israel Time) and Nisan 18, the day our Lord was resurrected on the feast of Firstfruits.
When I read several posts about 4/21, I was skeptical since the feast of Firstfruits was fulfilled by Jesus Christ
and it can't be dually fulfilled.  But the more I think about it, the more I'm convinced because the Christ and the
Bride are one.
When the Christ declared "It is finished!" on the Cross and died, His side was pierced, and by the water and blood
He shed, the Bride is made.  As Rev.Oden Hetrick mentioned, it was the exact type that God made the mate of
Adam with a rib taken out through his side.  And Adam said, "This is now bone of my bones, and flesh of my flesh."
Jesus restored Adam, and now it's in the final stage that the Bride restores Eve.  Also the Brides are the priests
who belong to the High Priest in the order of Melchizedek.  Therefore, it makes sense that the Bride will be
resurrected and transformed on the same day of Firstfruits as Jesus did.
This is also a concrete evidence for the Pre-Tribulation Rapture.  Since the Domain of the world was given to Adam
and Eve according to Genesis 1:27-28, Jesus Christ and the Bride must marry in order to take the Domain back, then
the Lamb of God can open the Seals to judge the Adversary and the world.
I was so sure about the 8th day of Nisan(4/11), because the 8th day of Tabernacle is for the Holy Assembly.  But
4/11 was 10 days( Days of Awe) prior to 4/21, and could be 10 day warning.
Also 4/21 is 33 days from the much anticipated the feast of Purim, the Supermoon day.  Remember 33 Chile miners?
As Rene pointed out, the miracle rescue mission was the type of the Rapture.
Calvin wrote that 4/21 is 42(Advent) days from the Japan quake which occurred on the 777 moons from the Isreal's
rebirth and 111th day of 2011.  "21" represents "exceeding sinfulness of sin" as well.
And according to Calvin, there was a 4.9(7X7) magnitude earthquake in Chile on 4/14 in the same area of the 8.8
Concepcion quake, and it's parameters of 49/49, and 49 represents "the Son of Man; the wrath of God."  He believes
it's a 7 day warning and a double confirmation.
Calvin also found out that 4/21-22 is exactly 2 years anniversary that the famous Charity's vision "5,6,7,Jesus!" was
given during the hiding of Venus(the Rapture sign), and 2 represents Separation.
One more important note:
When Jesus was resurrected on Nisan 18, it was the day after the Sabbath as the Scripture commands to keep the
feast of Firstfruits in Leviticus 23:11.  Therefore, it's possible that if the Blessed Hope doesn't come true on Nisan 18,
it could happen on 4/23-24.
And it's possible that there will be a 3 day warning prior to 4/21, and it will be the Passover, the Full Moon day, and the
prophecy of John Lawler "in the top of it's phase" could be fulfilled on this day after all.
Again, I'm not setting the date, just presenting a possibility.
See you soon,