Ed C (12 Apr 2011)
"Concerning Glenn Beck (Re: 8/28/10)"

I am upset, confused, but not disuaded.  I don't know why Glenn is blatantly displaying the Masonic symbol as he did.  But there are things that really should be understood, then we can figure out.  One thing I know for 100% sure.  God blessed, overwhelmingly, the event Glenn sponsored on 8/28.
Following this letter, I will post the comments I made in his producer's FB discussion at that time.

If not for Glenn, we know nothing of Soros, Cass Sunstein, Van Jones, Acorn, Tides, SEIU, and many other disturbing subjects that even Rush Limbaugh won't address, much less the waste of time media.  We know that Glenn stands firmly for Israel.,  I am still upset that Fox chose to pre-empt his show last Friday for wall to wall coverage of that budget nonsense.
Glenn brought 300000 God loving Americans to the mall in WashingtonDC to praise God and thank Him for this country in an effort to get us back to where we should be as a nation.  I, know God blessed that event.  I know God is required to bless Glenn because His word says he will bless those that bless thee (Israel.)
A letter yesterday mused that Glenn may be AC.  No.  Reason:  Anybody that puts any stock in Glenn's message won't be here, we'll be gone, leaving Glenn, should his mormonistic ways keep him out of the event, with nothing but those people who already hate his guts.
This is already long, and the comment I want to copy/paste is longer.  Please read the following, and certainly be sure to watched the video linked at the end.  God's very subtle, but powerful show of support with which he honored Glenn's efforts.  Thank you.  YBIC  Ed C
I came home from work last night (Monday 8/30) and searched youtube for the geese that you had talked about on the program. I watched the video and was amazed. It struck me to freeze frame and count the geese. I was thinking maybe God gave you your "21 gun salute" as well via this formation. There were only 19 geese. I turned to my wife and said, "Looks like two geese disobeyed God, I didn't think they were allowed to do that."

I had to leave the house for an engagement, so at that time I got up from the couch, took about two steps, when that "thought" enters my thinking. The type of thought that I certainly recognize as that of the Spirit. It said, "No geese disobeyed Me." I continued on my way wondering how that could be, there should be 21.

Attempting to prepare for the meeting I was already late for, I had to stop and return to the computer. 19? I've never heard of such a thing. SO, I searched, "19 gun salute" and was amazed to find that such a thing actually exists. It is for vice-presidents, high ranking military, and ambassadors of some certain importance.

I couldn't make a corelation, so I handed the computer to my wife, asked her to see if she could find a connection. Again, rose from the couch, took two steps, and was again rewarded with a thought from the Spirit. The phrase "Ambassdors of Christ" hit me like a ton.

2 Corinthians 5:20: "Now then we are ambassadors for Christ, as though God did beseech you by us: we pray you in Christ's stead, be ye reconciled to God."

Glenn, God gave you, in his own, miraculously subtle way, the fly-by which you could not obtain from human means. He gave you the honor of a symbolic "19 gun salute", for on that day, at that moment, you were His Ambassador. Yes, we are all Ambassadors for Christ, but on Saturday, you were the Ambassador reaching out. (Selah)

I also realized, at the end of the video I was viewing, one of the geese (the second from the last on the left hand side of the formatiom, veered off at the last moment, breaking away from the rest. A missing man formation? God...seriously? Why are You showing the missing man, symbolically, of course.

I left the house, took care of my meeting, and on the way home, that which should have been obvious was made known. SOWF. Of course, you were honoring the service of those who had fallen. A "missing-man" formation was fully appropriate.

God's soft, subtle way, of providing one of the miracles you spoke of was provided in this simple, natural act, of geese doing what geese do.

Perfect Timing
Straight through the Heart of the Reflecting Pool
Symbolic 19 Gun Salute for the day's Ambassador for Christ.
A Missing Man tribute to SOWF and our honored dead.

Let them mock, and scoff. We know God. And He knows us.
One last thing. Our local talk announcer and hs producer went to the event. Their purpose was not to listen to the messages, for they knew they could get that later. They were there to be a part of the crowd for reactions, feelings, etc.

They explained to us that when everyone began singing "Amazing Grace" The ground shook beneath them. It must have been amazing.

about 7 months ago