Ed C (12 Apr 2011)
"The Dead in Christ Prior to Rapture"

Thank you for the responses on the issue concerning a possible time difference between "the dead in Christ rise first" and the "then we which are alive." portion of Paul's dissertation on the matter.
One of the respondants replied that the dead would not be capable witnesses for Christ and gave the reference of Lazurus and the rich man in the bossom of Abraham account.  When I read that, I agreed.  But I felt that the Spirit quicken and say Not so fast.  Who says they (the dead) are to witness to the ungodly?  No, their witness would be to the sleeping christians.  Their alarm clock as it were to tell them its time to wake up.
Now, please don't misunderstand, the Lord did NOT confirm this to be the case.  It was presented as a "dont jump to conclusions" as to why, if it happens at all, that the dead in Christ would rise IF THERE IS any significant time difference between the dead, and the we which are alive events.
Ed C