Ed (7 Apr 2011)
"3 Day Warning - Confirmation???"

Perry Stone teaches that sometimes the Bible introduces a subject as "A Mystery."  His teaching is that the answer to the mystery is always found in either the feast days, or patterns.
Recently, I have been wondering, questioning if you will, the following:  Paul says "behold I show you a mystery"  and he says elsewhere "the dead in Chrisst shall rise first, then we which are alive shalle be changed.  The question I have is, "what is the time difference between, the dead in Christ rise first...and THEN  we are changed... Them...then us..how much time, if any between these two events.
This morning I'm pondering, and realize Paul called it a mystery.  Well, if the Rapture is a mystery then its answer is in feasts or patterns.  We have all been very much looking at feasts.  This morning the Lord reminded me, I say the Lord, it certainly hit me as a "rhema" word, that the pattern is found on the day of the crucifiction. Matthew 27:51 and in that area says when Jesus died, several things happened, including the dead saints coming out of their graves.
Here's the question then.  Is this a pattern.  The righteous dead raised, then Jesus was raised three days later.?  Will we see the dead in Christ raised three days before the Lord returns?  
Ed C