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Beast from the Sea"



Biblical truths are presented in threads throughout the Bible.  One of those threads contains pictures of Beastly Empires which would arise in the course of history and subjugate Judah (the Jews).    This particular thread about Beastly Empires starts in Daniel 7 and finds its conclusion in Rev. 13, 17-19.  The Bible is consistent in its use of symbols.  What starts as a Beast Empire in Daniel 7, is still a Beast Empire in Revelation.


Daniel saw four large Beasts that looked like a LION, a BEAR, a LEOPARD and a fourth  indescribable DREADFUL and TERRIBLE BEAST.    Most Bible commentators believe these Beasts stood for the four ungodly man-made Empires which ruled the Middle East and the Holy Land during the Jewish Diaspora which ran from 606 B.C. until 1948 A.D.   All of these Empires followed in succession.   They were Babylon,  Media/Persia,  Macedon/Greece,  and Rome until the last attempt at restoring the Holy Roman Empire failed with the defeat of Germany in 1945.  Daniel saw them in this order as he looked forward into the future.  The first three of these Empires existed wholly in Asia and the Holy Land.


In Rev. 13:1-10 John is describing the last Empire (in a succession of Beastly Empires) – i.e., the last one  had received a mortal wound, and ceased to exist, but eventually its wound was healed and it rose up out of the sea (which shows that it is a “land-mass” Empire) and is empowered by Satan to be revived for a season, and to continue doing what it was doing before, which was to persecute the saints of both Old and New Testament periods, i.e. Jews and Christians.


In Rev. 17 John gives a much fuller picture showing that there were 7 Empires in the sequence, (explained as being different heads on a singular beast), and that the composite Beast that he describes in Rev. 13, (made up of parts of the three old Asian Empires - i.e., Leopard-Greece, Bear-Media/Persia and Lion-Babylon) is actually the defunct 7th Beast Empire in the process of being revived as the 8th manifestation of the underlying anti-Semitic, anti-Christian, un-Godly Powers.


I believe these 7 were 1.          Babel – the first Kingdom.

                                    2.         Assyria

                                    3.         Babylon                                  )

                                    4.         Media-Persia                           )  These were Daniel’s four Beast Empires

                                    5.         Greece                                     )   of the Diaspora

                                    6          Rome                                       )

                                    7.         Ottoman Islamic Empire ended in 1920/22

                                                     (An Interval when the Beast is not)

                                    8.         Reviving Islamic Empire with a harlot woman sitting on it.


Furthermore, we must ask who wielded the sword which brought No.7 to an end.   I believe it was the “harlot woman” (European nations of France/England, WW1).   These Nations assumed control over all of the territories previously controlled by the Ottoman Empire, through mandates from the League of Nations, and divided most of those territories (amongst the Arabs) into today’s 10-horn Nations of – Turkey, Syria, Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Lebanon, Jordan, Egypt, and Libya.


Today, the Harlot Woman and her daughter nations are still sitting on the reviving Beast Empire, restraining and suppressing it in its abode in the wilderness.   (Think of bombing Afghanistan, Iraq, and Libya and the occupation by foreign troops at present).  The passages in Rev. 17 indicate that once the restrainer is removed in the end-times (See 2 Thess. 2:3- 7) then the 10 horn nations give their power to the reviving Islamic Beast Empire, and destroy the “great city” which reigns over the Kings of the earth. 


(See my Post today to “Robin B – APRIL 4 - False Prophet” for more information and urls to my book. 


God bless you as you search for the truth.