EAR (5 Apr 2011)


Hi Robin B,


Your thought that the False Prophet and The Beast (Anti-Christ) may arise out of Islam is correct.

See the recent urls and links below for explanation.  I have no doubt that Muhammad was the original false prophet, but there is an “end-time repeat” of an Islamic Empire that was mortally wounded with a sword (war) at the end of WWI when the Caliph and Caliphate of the Ottoman Empire were disestablished.

Today we see this dormant Empire reviving from its mortal wound.


This information was first posted on 5 Doves in October 2005, http://www.fivedoves.com/letters/oct2005/ear1012.htm   but the original urls no longer work.  The material has since been incorporated into several booklets. 


God bless you in your search for the truth.





Robin B (4 Apr 2011)
false prophet"

I had a thought....could Mohammad be the false prophet?  There have been many prophets,but, none like him.  There is growing "chatter" and speculation that the AC may rise out of Islam....just throwing this out for consideration and any thoughts/comments.  Blessed Be the Name of Jesus....Robin B 



BOOK 1 – The Beast and the False Prophet – The Revival of Radical Islam



            Preface – Introduction, and Chapter 1 - The Visions of the Four Gentile Empires and maps



            Chapters 2 and 3 – A Vision of the Beast, and Who Leads the Beast Empire?



            Chapters 4 and 5 – John’s Vision of the Beast out of the Earth and the Mark of the Beast



            Chapter 6 – The Counterfeit, Demon Possessed Trinity



            Chapter 7 – Conclusion, and APPENDICES