Dru Ann (28 Apr 2011)
"RE:  Rene (27 Apr 2011) "Violent Storms Ravaging US""

My husband and I have been Watchers since the Lord woke us up in 1974.  We've been reading 5 Doves for about a year and a half now, but have only posted a couple of times.  It's such exciting times we are living in now!  I just can't see how the Lord can tarry much longer!  The storms that are brewing all over the world are much deeper than weather-related, as we all know.  However, it does seem that the bad weather is getting worse and worse.   The birth pangs are well underway!
I had a very vivid Rapture Dream in the summer of 1978.  I don't remember the exact date, but it was probably in late August or early September.  I know, because my newborn daughter was still sleeping in our bedroom in her bassinette and she was about 6 weeks old when we put her in her own room.  That evening there had been a BIG THUNDERSTORM with lots of lightening.  It was still stormy when we went to bed.  My Dream:
The lightening and thunder woke me up and I walked into the den and stood by the back door, watching out the window.  After a bit, I went back to the bedroom, but stood by the window for a few minutes.  Suddenly, a bright Light appeared over the tree-tops in the back yard, and I saw Jesus in the clouds with His arms outstreatched.  Immediately I felt my self starting to float up.  My husband was with me, as was our daughter - all of us floating up, out through the bedroom window.  I knew it was the Rapture!  My next thought was about my almost-two-year-old son, who was sleeping in the next room.  I didn't sense his presence, but I instinctively knew that it was just because he wasn't beside me, but was in the other room.  I knew that he was "safe" - going into the arms of Jesus - and that we would see him as soon as we arrived at our destination in Heaven.  Then I woke up!
I think it's interesting that it was very stormy that night - and in my dream.  Perhaps the electricity in the air will have some bearing on our Rapture!  Of course, it can't be stormy over all the earth at the same time. 
I've thought about my dream a lot through the years.  My daughter will be 33 in July, and my son will be 35.  (We also have another son who is 30 and a daughter 28.)   She has 5 year-old and 8 month-old sons, and (after a number of years of not walking with the Lord) is attending church regularly and eagerly watching for the Lord's return.  I've often thought about the parallels between my dream and my daughter's current status.  Interestingly, she lives in North Carolina and the recent tornado that hit Raleigh went right down her street.  Her house had miminal damage, but houses across the street and next door had severe damage.  I told her she had a big angel sitting on top of their roof!
Neither of my two sons will attend church.  Even though they both made professions of faith when they were young, neigher of them are currently walking with the Lord.  My oldest son got into a lot of "gnostic" idealologies and I'm not sure he truly believes anymore.  I feel like he will probably be one of those "left behind" after the Rapture.  But, as in my dream, I still feel that he is "safe".  I think when my boys see that the Rapture has truly taken place, they both will be on fire for the Lord and will be powerful Tribulation Saints!  My youngest daughter attends church, but doesn't live a spirit-filled life.   
Please pray for my kids - that the Lord will grab hold of them in a powerful way - BEFORE it's too late!
Dru Ann (Not the same "Dru" that usually posts!)
Welcome to the Doves, Dru!

Rene (27 Apr 2011)
"Violent Storms Ravaging US"

More tornados ripping through the US - entire towns being destroyed. This is unprecedented and uncanny! These violent, furious storms are hard to escape from. This has been a non-stop tornadic Spring season for those of us in the U.S. I have always had this "feeling" that the rapture (when it takes place in my area) would be during a thunderstorm. I have no idea why I have always "felt" that, but we don't have to wait long for such storms to occur - they are everywhere, everyday, and all around us!