Dru (28 Apr 2011)
"To Chris: Trumpet Blast ..."

Dear Chris and Doves,
No, I haven't experienced hearing any trumpet blasts, but I'm blessed by those that do ...
For instance, a young man named Buddy Baker has a website that truly blesses me each day, where he posts visions and/or dreams that the LORD gives him sometimes three times in one week!
Here, read what he recently experienced regarding trumpet blasts that are highlighted:

April 11, 2011 Monday 9:42 pm , as I was taking a shower the moment I closed my I saw an angel with wings blowing a long trumpet then the angel started flying and continued to blow the trumpet, end.


April 12, 2011 Tuesday 11:50 am , as I was taking communion I closed my eyes like I always do and I saw the Lord with His arms raised as if He was giving me His blessing, end.


April 12, 2011 Tuesday 3:05 pm, as I was taking a shower I close my eyes and I see myself knelt down praying and there were two angels one on each side of me and they had one arm over my shoulder and the other raised and I noticed that their wing were very bright like they were glowing and I saw Jesus standing in front of us with His arms raised and when I saw myself looking up at the Lord I walked up to Him and we embraced and the Lord gave me a very big hug then the vision changed and I was looking at the Lords left side and He was blowing a shofar and I couldn’t help but laughing because I was so excited that the Lord was showing me this, but what was so interesting is that I had ordered a shofar and a communion cup and plate from Israel a few weeks ago and when it came I was so excited and I think the Lord was too! I know the Lord wants us to have a child like faith and I love to spend time with the Lord and laugh some times because He has such a wonderful sense of humor. Note, I want to mention that the vision I had with the angel blowing the trumpet then I get the shofar the next day, that’s amazing!


Here's his website ...scroll down to find the dates I've listed:




Also, reading through his other dreams and/or visions you may discover more times where the LORD has blessed him with trumpet sounds ...