Dru (13 Apr 2011)
"To Lora Shipley ..."


Dear Lora ...

Thank you for providing this fascinating study! It is very interesting and informative, and has indeed blessed me sooo much :)

And in reading through some of your material I ran across this statement of yours:

"THIS SPRING, the Feast of Firstfruits, the first day of the Feast of Weeks, is THE THIRD DAY. This is a day that the bride should be awake, and looking up, midnight to morning. Be the Bride, do not sleep. It may be this spring, the time is close, very close!"

Perhaps you mentioned the exact day on your website, but I was not able to locate it. I then attempted to research this information over the internet so I could learn the exact day that this fell on, but I was unable to pinpoint the exact day on the Gregorian calendar; so I was hoping that you might know the precise day that "THE THIRD DAY" actually falls on, since I and others definitely want to be ready for the rapture. Thank you for your help with my query, dear sister in Christ!

Looking forward to your reply - and more importantly, to the rapture of the church, when we will be brought before our LORD, Savior and Bridegroom!! Amen!!