Donna Danna (6 Apr 2011)
"The Episcopal Church: The Way of Balaam -- False Teachers & Reappearance of Ancient Gnostic Beliefs"

(The article below shows how far the Episcopal church has fallen from the faith in our Lord Jesus Christ into apostasy.)
The Episcopal Church: The Way of Balaam
False Teachers and the re-appearance of ancient Gnostic beliefs
Doveton notes the paganism being taught at Hartford Seminary with these lines from Miriam Therese Winter, professor of liturgy worship and spirituality, "Our Mother who is within us we celebrate your many names. Your wisdom come. Your will be done, unfolding from the depths within us..."

Matthew Fox suggests that different religions worship the same god, they merely have different names for God, or as he puts it, divinity has multiple faces - including a feminine face.

At Grace Cathedral in San Francisco, one can hear at the Eucharistic prayer, "We break this bread for our ancestors in the Jewish faith, our brothers and sisters in Islam, our friends who are Buddhists..." and this at a key Christocentric part of the liturgy.

"Grace Cathedral in San Francisco has a side chapel with walls adorned with the sacred symbols of Islam, Hinduism, Judaism and Buddhism. The purpose of the chapel is to create a 'sacred space' for a person of any faith to pray, but underneath it imports a new theology of worship into a Christian church. By allowing a 'multifaith space' we are in effect denying the exclusive claim of Jesus to be the one in whom is salvation and help in time of need."

In Philadelphia, at the Episcopal Cathedral, a sand mandala or wheel of life was constructed by a Tibetan Buddhist monk. This temporary display of Buddhist tradition and symbolism includes representations of Jesus and Buddha. "Mandalas and labyrinths are not spiritually neutral, they are magic diagrams or devices which lay claim to their surrounding 'space' as week as subjugating spiritually the people in the neighborhood."

Walter Melnyk, a former Episcopal priest in the Diocese of Pennsylvania, also believes in two mutually contradictory faiths simultaneously 'walking between' the worlds of pagan Druidry and Christianity as does the Rev. Chris Horseman, an English vicar with a degree in white witchcraft.