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"Book of Life"

The Books Used At Judgement

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The Books of Man,s Works

Revelation 20:12 says, "And books were opened......and the dead were judged from the
things which were written in the books,according to their deeds. "Evidently God owns a
complete set of books that record every person,s deeds,waiting to be recalled on
judgement day. These are the books of mans works.

The Books of Life

There are two other books that await every man,s encounter with God. Although
they are similar. they also bear significant differences.
The New Testament refers to the Book of Life eight different times, and although
the Old Testament does not call it by that name, it does allude three times to a
book in which names are written. The psalmist speaks of the righteous as having
their names written in "the book of the living" (Psalm 69:28 KJV), so we percieve
that it is a book in which righteous people have their names written.
    Revelation 13:8 tells us about a similar book- "the book of life of the Lamb."
"The Lamb" is without doubt the Lord Jesus Christ, for only He is " the Lamb of God
who takes away the sin of the world" (John 1:29). Because Christ came into the world
to save sinners and to give them eternal life, the Lamb,s Book of Life is the book of Jesus Christ
in which are entered the names of those who have received His eternal life. (We are inclined to believe
that only the belivers who have lived since the cross have their names written in this book.)
    The major difference between the two books is that the Book of Life seems to contain the
names of all living people, whereas the Lambs Book of Life includes only the names of those
who have called upon the Lamb for salvation. A second difference is that Book of Life is
referred to as God the Fathers Book in Exodus 32:33; it records all those whom God the Creator
has made. It is then the Book of the Living, much like the records book at the local country
government office. On the other hand, the Lambs Book of Life is refferd to as God the Son,s Book
(Revelation 13:8 ). We may conclude then that this book contains the names of all those who have
received the new life that the Son provides.
    The third and most important difference between these books is that one may be blotted out of
the Book of Life but NOT the Lamb,s Book of Life. In Exodus 32:33 God told Moses, "Whoever has
sinned against Me, I will blot him out of My Book."  It is possible, therefore, to have one,s name erased
from the Book of Life because of sin. The Lamb,s Book of Life is different, however. Revelation 3:5
promises. "He who overcomes will thus be clothed in white garments; and I will not erase
his name from the book of life.

Excerpts from Charting The End Times by Tim Lahaye & Thomas Ice

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