Dianne Talsma (30 Apr 2011)
"re Alan Trombetta"

Greetings John:
You may have already received notice from others that Alan Trombetta
has suffered a stroke.  Alan is part of the Doves family.
Just wanted to affirm his request for prayer.
His wife Julie sent us this e-mail.
On Tuesday night early Wed morning Alan had a stroke.  He is in the
hospital.  He has paralysis on his right side.  His speech sounds like he
is a bit drunk...but his mind is very alert.  He expressed to me that he
wanted his Five Dove friends to know about his condition so they could
pray for him.  Today he begins all the different  therapies and he can't
wait to get started.  Our two daughters are right by his side and bring
him great comfort.
Thank you for all the people at Five Doves, if you guys weren't there
for him to discuss end times and Bible Prophesy I am not sure where
he would find the fellowship that is so precious to him.