Diane Gilbert (20 Apr 2011)
"Joe Till: Dr. Owuor's prophecy re tower"


Dr. Owuor did indeed misunderstand the vision of the tower and thought it was the Eiffel tower.  He admitted this in a subsequent video, in which he later realized it was the tower in Japan.  He gave the prophecy of Japan BEFORE the earthquake.  He spoke about the difficulty in INTERPRETATION of a vision.  The vision or the message is a true one from the Lord, but it the difficulty is in understanding the meaning of the vision.  We all get tripped up by that.

For example, Jesus told His disciples, “Tear down this temple and in 3 days I will raise it up.”  They didn’t know that He was speaking of His death and resurrection, but thought He meant tearing down the temple in Jerusalem and rebuilding it.  It was only after His death and resurrection that they remembered Him saying this.

Yes, I, too, believe Dr. Owuor is a true prophet of God.  His track record is incredible, the miracles that occur in his presence, and listening to this Godly man preach all testify that he is genuine.


Diane Gilbert