Diane (16 Apr 2011)
"Curt, re Sleep Paralysis"

Before I was born again, I was seeking something “more” in my life, and I didn’t know yet that His name was Jesus.  In my ignorance, I started using a Ouija board, and was starting to experience vibration sensations up and down my spine.  I thought that was so “cool”, and talking to spirits was fun.

At the same time, I started having these terrifying experiences of sleep paralysis.  I would wake up, wide awake, unable to move an eyelash, and feel another body inside of this physical one start to vibrate, then rotate inside my physical body, and “roll” right out of my body.  I’d float around for a while, terrified I wouldn’t be able to get back in.  While outside my body, it physically felt warm, like floating in a warm bath.  It was very sensual and rather erotic, which I thought was creepy.  When I’d finally get back into my body, I’d feel the normal bodily sensations that ceased while I was out of my body – like my heartbeat, my breathing, hearing my husband’s breathing beside me, etc.  While outside my body, I felt none of that.  I was able to move again.  I had these experiences at least twice a week.

Later, when I was a born again Christian, I visited a “deliverance ministry”, and was told it was demonic.  They rebuked it, cast it out, and I renounced it and all possible ties to the Ouija board.  The paralysis and out-of- body experiences ceased.

I am skeptical of the Wikipedia explanation of sleep paralysis, it is the typical non-spiritual, carnal explanation of things they cannot discern.