Dewey (4 Apr 2011)
"Mary Anna & Jim Bramlett"

Blessings Mary, in Jesus Name, of course !  Its NO SECRET that O is islam.......except to the crowd who is wearing horse blinders or other such methods of blindness.  Remember the photo pic of him kissing the Saudi King on the hand and bowing at the same time ?  But this only a piece of it. Most of us remember the little interview with Mr Stephanopolis
sometime past,  " My Muslim Religion " and the interviewer politely corrected him ??  This
man was PICKED for the job by those who would irradicate Israel and all Christian/Judeo influence in America and the mid east.  But......these same elitists will I believe take him down when they have had their fill of incompetecy, self filled arrogance etc.  Time goes on.
You see he appears to bumble about in foreign policy matters, this is part of the process he
was picked for, to make the USA seem confused, misdirected to islamic countries to get
them emboldened to take on Israel & America.  But it goes further, watch and see how this
all plays out,big surprises coming.