Denis Hart (4 Apr 2011)
"Barak and the stars"

One of the great truths we are discovering is the richness and depth of the universe, including how planets, stars and comets are heralding the Return of Jesus Christ.  Many years ago I learnt about the sovereignty of God through Barak.  With so much happening in the sky some doves may be interested in a letter I sent in July 2007 that highlights the link between events in the universe and events on earth:   From the heavens the stars fought, from THEIR COURSES they fought against Sisera.

BARAK AND THE STARS (Denis from Canberra)


Judges 5:4,5, 20, 21  (Amplified)  ‘Lord when You went forth out of Seir…the earth trembled and the heavens dropped..water.  The mountains quaked at the presence of the Lord.. From the heavens the stars fought, from THEIR COURSES they fought against Sisera.  The torrent Kishon swept the foe away, the onrushing torrent.’


Ezekiel 38:19, 20 and 22 (Amplified - excerpts)  ‘Surely in that day there shall be a great shaking or cosmic catastrophe in the land of Israel…all the men that are on the face of the earth shall tremble and shake at My presence and the mountains shall be thrown down….I will rain upon him….torrents of rain and great hailstones, fire and brimstone’


This is a long letter – I hope it blesses some ‘surfers’.  A few days ago I was reading that Ehud Barak was hoping to be Prime Minister (again).  Something ‘clicked’ inside and the Holy Spirit took my mind back to when I was young and seeking to understand the lordship of Jesus Christ.  Of all places in the Word of God, I was led to Barak in the Book of Judges - one who rates a mention in the Hebrews 11 honour roll.  I write this letter to highlight how great the God of Israel is - he directed stars through the universe so that Barak (and Deborah) would defeat Sisera, and he is preparing a repeat and grander display of His Lordship very soon!


God does not act alone - he raises up people through whom he works, and not always the most prominent.  I do not know whether Ehud (the judge just before Barak) Barak will be the Prime Minister who will lead Israel - but his name is a strong reminder of how God has, and will, act for Israel preservation and victory.  I encourage you to read Judges  4 and 5.


I will not detail what happened in this great military victory, but the following is worth noting.  First, Sisera had 900 chariots of iron and Israel (from a human perspective) had no chance.  Secondly, Deborah gave Barak the Word of the Lord - ‘this is the day when the Lord has given Sisera into your hand.  Thirdly, the climate was about to change!  The similarities between Barak and Ezekiel are quite amazing and we would do well to reflect on Barak’s victory.  There was such a thunderstorm – and an earthquake just to reinforce the storm - (not unlike two that we have had in Canberra in the past six months) that, to put it simply, the chariots were bogged and became worthless!  But the most important aspect is that the God of Israel had guided a star to be the catalyst for the storm (just like the Southern Cross is an eternal reminder of Jesus death on Calvary!).  This I what God showed me as a young man - He will guide the world - and universe if necessary to save His people (even for each of us who love Him).  He is Lord!


I am writing this on 7 July 2007 - a once in 100 years day, and a number that peaks for God’s perfection.  But I would like to relate the Barak victory to things that must shortly come to pass.  There are strong parallels with Ezekiel and one aspect of the Ezekiel events that has been puzzling is that of living in (relative) peace and safety.  I know that there are different views about Isaiah 17 and Damascus, but to me it is yet to be fulfilled in its entirety.  For those who are interested, the grace through faith website ( has some good expository articles on this.  


Isaiah 17:14 Especially noteworthy is. “At evening time, behold, terror!  And before the morning they (the Assyrians) are not.  It is not difficult to see the possibility of a nuclear attack, following some form of attack on Israel.  This would, however, be viewed as a military victory.  And a world tired of war (many of you would be aware of Michael Boldea’s prophecy - would make promises to Israel – peace in return for limiting its military capability.  The next time Israel faced war (Ezekiel 38) it would have limited military might - so that the victory would be God’s!  Israel will not be defeated!  Stars are on their way - what God did for Barak he can do for another ‘Barak’ (whoever that my be).  And something new - perhaps solar activity that will knock out all the electronics!  Jesus Christ is Lord!  And we need to remember Who is in charge of the climate – there are some strange weather events now!      


Excerpts from God is God


There is a book on Judges titled God is God by Dr John Hercus that provides insight into Barak, and I have quoted some excerpts below – how God gave Barak victory!.  I believe we are moving into a time when the destiny of nations will become clearer, and quickly so.  God has been guiding the entire universe to consummate His purposes for Israel, the church and the world.  What follows needs to be ‘heart’ revelation - as it has been for me:


“I saw how God did it…God gave me a peep into His mind…He takes me behind the scenes and lets me catch a glimmer of understanding…For now I don’t go back 3000 years…for it was in outmost space that I see God working.  Working for this one day…but it’s not earth, it’s not the solar system, it’s not this galaxy at all, that I see.  It’s a star, a star that is exploding.  God is exploding this star…but this one’s for Sisera and Barak.  For Deborah is describing a thunderstorm.  She is telling me that a great surging deluge flooded that little valley until it became a swirling water-covered morass.  Clouds start with stars that have exploded and have spread their dust into the limitless expanse of space.  God had planned this, God had drawn it all up in that original in-the-beginning blueprint.”