Deborah (5 Apr 2011)
"4 days before the big quake San it.  1906"

 Very interesting.

That was amazing to see.  The Ferry Bldg is still there today.  (That pointed bldg at the end of the street.)  So are the cable cars.....although they no longer go down Market Street.

Imagine, no traffic signals, no stop signs,......people, cars, horses just go any which way they wanted to......and I didn't see a single accident.  Now days things are so strict.  You can get ticketed for walking in the wrong place, driving in the wrong place......and fined if you take a horse down Market Street at all today!

Anyway, I keep expecting Charlie Chaplin to jump out onto the screen.......but this is BEFORE his time.  NYC must have looked similar at this time period.  Also, some very strange looking automobiles!

Also interesting to note that Bank of America used be called the Bank of Italy, back then.  A. P. Gianini turned BofI/BofA into a large prosperous bank, by slapping up a plank on top of barrels, and began making low interest building loans to anyone who wanted a loan right after the quake!  He practically financed the entire rebuilding, and thus the rapid recovery of SF.  He took huge risks, because everyone had pretty much lost everything.  But that was what was responsible for the rapid recovery of SF after the quake.  Today, banks do the opposite......thus, no recovery.