Deborah (13 Apr 2011)
"Must Read: Atomic Deserts - Survey of World's Radioactive No-Go Zones"

We've met the enemy: its mankind!   We are killing ourselves.  Ever wonder why so many people come down with cancer these days?  Here's why.   Whats surprising is that more don't.  But that is changing as we speak.....thanks to gov't/media/nuclear industry lies and deceit.  The whole No. Hemisphere is contaminated now, from just ONE nuclear power plant!  How about the 600 others???  They are all disasters waiting to happen......not mention all the spent radioactive fuel that there is no way to get rid of.  Its YOUR planet.  Just say "No" to all nuclear reactors.  The price is way to high.....they cause extinction level events!

Subject: Atomic Deserts - Survey of World's Radioactive No-Go Zones

Everyone knows about Chernobyl, Three Mile Island and, now, Fukushima. But what about Semipalatinsk, Palomares and Kyshtym? The world is full of nuclear disaster zones -- showing just how dangerous the technology really is.