David Blackman (2 Apr 2011)
"How does one pray in THE SPIRIT ??"

I am no expert but will tell you my thoughts on this subject.  You do have to speak and use your tongue, but what you must realize is that the Holy Spirit will give it meaning.  I mean you must believe and trust that God has given you this gift.  I would like to tell you of an experience I had one time speaking in tongues.  My wife and I were leading a small home group under the authority of the church we attend.  I asked for anyone that had a pray request and several people responded.  One lady asked about finances because she was going through a very difficult time.  I remember praying in tongues and thinking it was like trying to wade through thick mud, and then after a short time it was a very special time of honoring God.  I do not normally find it hard to pray in tongues and thought I may have missed God in what I did.  After our group was over the lady came up to me and asked if I spoke Spanish.  I let her know that I did not know any Spanish.  She told me what I said in Spanish and it was just what she had asked for prayer earlier.  I know this may be hard to believe but this did happen, and I am very grateful that God chose to speak to this lady through me.  This lady has become a good friend of ours and God has met all of her needs!  I hope this helps you trust that God has given you this gift.  For God gives his children good gifts.


I have been asking GOD every day to show me how to pray in the Spirit. I have had an EXTREME urgent leading to learn how to do this correctly. I have attempted to do so but I am unsure if I'm doing it correctly. I have made numerous searches through Perry Stone's teachings on this and didn't find anything. I believe I have been baptized in the Holy Spirit. I have been told that I can know for sure by speaking in tongues. I have made attempts to speaking in tongues while praying before but it doesn't seem right. I have full control of my lips and tongue as I utter the jibbering sounds. All the sounds and motions I thought had to be from the Holy Spirit, according to The Bible, but I don't feel that. Is anyone else struggling with this?? Someone please help. Thanks :)

--- Michael PM