Coulby Dunn (4 Apr 2011)
"Brother in Law's Dream"

My brother in law Chris had a dream the night of April 1/2.
He found himself hovering over a war.  One side was wearing red, the other green.
He came down from the sky and found himself with a bunch of other Christians.  They were talking about religion.  Then, a woman comes up to him and asks him to escort her down some steps to a location where holy water is.
While walking down the steps, he noticed the steps had certain carvings on them.  The lady asks him what he thinks the carvings mean.
They get to the holy water and the people there are making the sign of the cross over their chests.  Chris doesn't make the sign of the cross whole-heartedly, at first.  Then, he does it whole-heartedly and does it in the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost.  He then turns to his left and sees monstrous, terrifying thunder that scared the daylights out of him, it was so intense.  Then, the thunder stopped and the sky lit up.  He saw Jesus but could not see His face, only His silouette and beard.
Chris begins rising into the sky, end of dream.