Cindy (27 Apr 2011)
"old souls/first fruits? what do you think?"

I was thinking about the world earlier, or should I say the "business world".  I think it's overrated, the role, as a business person.  I often wonder how many people would love to walk out of their cubicle, go home, and read the bible or question/find out their existence/place in the universe.  It sure sounds a lot more shocking anyway, more than making money for that matter.  I can sense how many people have the urge to do so, but are afraid.  I've learned you can.  And that it's okay to quit.  And if one worries, why worry when you seek Jesus.  Because- another person might not seek Him, seeks only the usual worldly things.  So why not be unusual.  I don't think that would make one a freak, only courageous.  A lot of people have to sigh and yawn throughout the day.  I'm sure everyone who is a strong believer in Christ, sighs quite often.  I think they are old souls, and this is it for them.  It is not the materialism, or repetitive schedule that satisfies them.  Only being with God, in their real home.  All of the old souls know this, they have been feeling the intensity for quite some time, especially in 2010 (Susan and Sabrina's Letters from Lord Jesus, and numerous rapture fleeces/testimonies/dreams/visions from people all around the world).  When I think of how a person could be an old soul, The Book of Life comes to my mind.  I've been intrigued by the topic of reincarnation.  I know there are a lot of opinions about that subject.  I've read that old souls lived more lives than the younger souls (hence the meaning "old soul").  Could it be possible that the old souls are called the FirstFruits?  As far as a record of lives would show, I don't think it was ever easy for these old souls.  Reincarnating into vessel after vessel, would soon become tiring.  But their courage of sharing the gospel is their joy and humility.  And I believe they are still alive today.