Cindi (13 Apr 2011)
"Re: Patty Hayes - "Regarding Glenn Beck and your issues""

AMEN! AMEN! AMEN! I cannot add anything to this except to say that I've read a lot of thing regarding Glenn's Mormon beliefs. Obviously, I do not believe the same way he does, but I look at him the way I look at any other SECULAR person. His relationship with God is between he and God ALONE, just as my relationship with God is between me and God ALONE!
I've read/heard that the "Jesus" the Mormons believe in is "not" the same Jesus we blieve in. I've never been to a Mormon church, so I can't speak to that either way. If he- or anyone else, for that matter- whether they are Mormon, Baptist, Catholic, Methodist, Pentecostal or non-denominational - does not believe and accept that Jesus Christ is the Son of God, and the ONLY way to heaven, then the will have the consequences. We cannot make someone believe the way we do- even our own children who are raised in our homes under our teachings. They have to choose for THEMSELVES!
I have bought most of Glenn's books, but the latest one I will not buy. It leans too much towards the "new agey" for me.
Thank you for your letter. God bless you!
In Christ's Love-
Patty Hayes (12 Apr 2011)
"Regarding Glenn Beck and your issues"

ca letter for all of you who believe Glenn is a closet conspirator siding with George Soros and the Illuminati.  I think it fair to Glenn to let him respond before you jump to conclusions.
If you remember the Pharisees jumped all over Jesus for healing and called him Satan (Beelzebub).  Jesus response to his critics was a house divided against itself could not survive.  The house would not be able to function wholly or completely.  We all know that the human body dies if the blood in our body begins to fight against the body.
In the end Jesus called his critics a brood of snakes.
Glenn has taken HUGE risks to stand up for our country, for you to live freely and even to critize him.  He has lost his daily broadcasts on Fox for his stance and has spoken of the death threats and some I did read on his blog responses.  He has spoken against the Elitists, George Soros and getting on Media Matters they will not stop with Glenn but they will pursue anyone on Fox getting that hour Glenn filled. They are pursuing Trump, Hannity, Rush Limbaugh and all Conservative Radio/TV personalities.  And they are pursuing them with a vengence.  As you read Jim Bramlett's post you can see that by May our nation will begin its demise into full on Socialism.  There is a CLEAR AND PRESENT DANGER ahead Glenn warned of. And if he had/has been with Soros and clan,  then do understand this, his life is truly on the line physically as history has shown us people do disappear.
Glenn has divided his house if he truly is one of them.  But, before we critize him give him the opportunity to speak to this.  And you will if you truly are one of Jesus' followers, who are not guilty of gossip or untruths.
Patty Hayes
P.S.  I could wonder as well about anyone who passes out candy on Halloween or celebrates it as well as being secretly associated with Satanists.  So,, before you jump to conclusions, I'd rather you write to Glenn personally and let him personally respond back.  It is what Matthew spoke of.