Christine (13 Apr 2011)
"My very, very 1st Rapture Feeling Dream ever"

Dear John & Family of Doves,
Just wanted to share.
I had My very, very First ever rapture feeling dream last night (Sat.4/9/2011). I felt like I was being pulled right out of my body. Lifting up into the sky My heart and chest were so heavy. I couldn't talk or breath. I saw all the little babies going up in the sky first. It was at night time the sky was greyish/white not black in color. I remember trying to wake up or grab my husbands hand because he could not hear my voice. Then, I woke up. I sat there and wanted to go back. Take me Lord. Maybe the time was not yet for me. Not sure. Few minutes later, I went to the kitchen to see the clock 1:01am.
Come Lord Jesus Come.
Love in Christ,