Christina (2 Apr 2011)
"The answers to the Kingdom are hidden in the parables!"

Hello John and Family of Doves,
You all may already know this but Jesus just opened my eyes little bit more tonight. I am reading Matthew chapter 13 (the unveiling of the Kingdom's Mysteries).  It is all spelled out. It even states the women ie. Roman Catholic church the 4th of the 7 chuches vs 33 - 37 hid the meal (the truth) from the world. The Vatican houses tons of documents from us.
Then, Jesus in vs 1-23 left the house of Israel and went to sit by the sea (the Gentiles the world church) to go sow seeds until the harvest is ready.

Vs 24-30 the estasblishment of the first church ie. Pentecoast - God said let the tares/evil live or grow alongside of the wheat/sons of God until the reapers/Angels come and reap the harvest bundling all the tares together and burning them up. And then taking the wheat to the barn or home to his kingdom. Only those who have been chosen. The kingdom people where chosen by God before the foundation of the world.

I am still reading but got so excited what I was reading had to share. Thanks for listening. He is right around the corner. Come Lord Jesus Come.
Love in Christ,