Chris M (15 Apr 2011)
"Fruit on a Plate, Vegetable Plate"

"Fruit on a Plate, Vegetable Plate"

I had a dream a few nights ago and have been asking for its meaning, which has finally been given to me.

In the dream I was handed a white envelope. When it was handed to me by what appeared to be a human hand, it was conveyed that what the envelope contained was of great importance to me and everyone else. I was disappointed to see that the envelope was already open, and its contents had been removed. Yet on the outside of the unsealed envelope was this phrase, “Fruit on a Plate, Vegetable Plate”.

Here now is the meaning of the dream given to me. First, the envelope was unsealed because the time is now upon us, and the Lord told me I will see it with my own eyes. Second, the contents had been removed because what was sealed up belongs for now to the Father and the one with whom the Father chooses to share it; that person being his Son.

However, most importantly, he said to remember the phrase given “Fruit on a Plate, Vegetable Plate”. He said, “I am the LORD your God. I am the one who conceals a great mystery, and I am the one who reveals the mystery in my own time. My people read my words through a veil I have placed over their eyes, and they hold closely to their interpretations of days ahead through that veil. What they imagine seems good to them, and their hearts are filled with love by my Spirit. They also long for the day of the LORD, as a result of their interpretations. But the plate they believe I am preparing for them looks like vegetables to me, and they look upon it as nourishment for their weary souls. However, behind the lightly thin veil and in accordance with my words, I have always had in mind a plate that looks like fruit. When my people see it with their own eyes, they will not understand it at first - it is not vegetables. But those who trust in me more than their many interpretations conjured up from generation to generation will through listening to the testimony of my Spirit (and through the outpouring of their souls); they will rejoice over the revelation of this great mystery, while the rest of the world is vexed. My plan is a plate of sweet fruit, and when you know it, when you see it with your own eyes; it will bring light to your eyes and joy to your soul. What you can only imagine for now is like vegetables but soon the Spirit will show you this fruit and you will be given understanding of it, so take heart! Take up this saying among you “Fruit on a Plate, Vegetable Plate”; especially take this up as a saying to encourage those who do not quickly understand what they are seeing, as it is not expected. Also, wait for the day of the LORD. Wait and do not long for it. Have I not said woe to those who long for the day of the LORD? Who do you suppose I spoke those words to other than you – my people? For surely no one who loves the world would ever long for my day. That day is coming now. It will be a day of darkness, not light. It will be like the sun went to its place for the evening, and the moon rose in its fullness to witness to the light of the sun for those who dwell in that day of darkness. But the moon will be turned to blood and the dawn will break. And when you see the ark of my covenant within my temple then know that my mystery has been accomplished and revealed to you. Let the one who hears say ‘Come!’”

Amen. Come, LORD.