Charlotte (21 Apr 2011)
"The Vision of Obadiah, 1 Chapter and 21 verses."

Dear John and the readers of 5 Doves
Exactly one week before the 9.0 earthquake hit in Japan I posted a song on my blog "Pixtal Peep" titled "Storm Comin." Seven days later the earthquake and tidal wave hit Japan killing thousand and leaving the world with untold nuclear mess that may never be cleaned up.  Then just a few days later,   I pointed out on my blog  that the Japanese town of Sendai actually translates  "a thousand generations" and I explain how that relates to scripture.  This town's name in English actually sounds like"SIN DIE" as in sinners die.  How does that related to  the earthquakes in ChristChurch, NZ  (upon this ROCK I will Build My Church) and the 1,000 earthquakes (YouTube this wk) that have occurred this past month in Japan. Well I see the connection but then I'm always looking for God in the small stuff. Make no mistake, the Lord used J. R. Church wonderful life and death on the day of this horrific earthquake to make a statement just as he's been using earthquakes to try and wake up this world to the ruse of Satan whose evil ploy against mankind is to KILL, STEAL and DESTROY. 
Today's scripture readingfrom the HOLY Spirit of Jesus Christ is the vision OBADIAH whose name means servant of "Yahweh" or "worshipper of Yahweh. This book is 1 Chapter and 21 verses and actually ties into the Barley Harvest and the 49 day countdown (7 weeks) to "Shavout."  If I read my bible correctly"The SEASON of our Liberation is upon us."   What happens during Passover week and the next several weeks is of course up to our Lord.  Pastor John Hagee once said "If your not looking for the Rapture of the Church, he's probably not coming for you. "  I pray that mankind stops listening to Satan whose only goal is to kill, steal and destroy.   May the reading of God's word bless you and yours.
May you go in peace and love,
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