Charles Holler (11 Apr 2011)
"Ron Reese confirmation"

Hello John, Ron, and Doves,
     Most everyone knows I'm a steady watcher here and occasional contributor. I have a 25 year old daughter with 3 kids and she can be very skeptical when I get excited about a new potential date.  I hear the " O K dad now when will the next date be, or is there a new date yet, or where did you get that......the Doves?" But like most of you when we have a date that looks good we have to say something to the ones we love. I bribe her sometime to listen to bad... tank of gas for 30 minutes sweetie....O K dad....honestly I think she wants to hear it. This past Friday I wanted to read Ron Reese's letter of the 12 reasons why and part of the letter asks the listener to pray first before judging. Later that afternoon she says " you know dad that guy Ron is right" I asked why she would say this and she said that she quickly said O K Lord if this guy is for real let the pastor call and almost before she could say amen to herself it was him calling on the phone. ( He calls my home 1-2 times a week)She's listening now and I'm a very happy father today.
Charls Holler Sr