Carol Garza (13 Apr 2011)
"Left Behind note"

Hey all !! Like Joe Chappell, I too for the first time as a watcher of the end times, I  began a left behind letter right after the Japan earthquake- Tsunami.  It is turning into a book though !  I am giving them a message of hope.  While we do not know with certainty when that Glorious moment will come, my heart feels it will be before the end of May.  I pray my heart is the Lord telling me.  But I do not know it He is or whether the world events we are watching unfold is making my heart ache to go Home already.

Regardless, I do know with certainty the Lord impressed on my heart to write a left behind letter/book.  I have known for years people have been writing and posting left behind letters but I have never been led to write one until now.  I pray the Lord put it in my heart to do so because we will very, very soon now....this year, maybe next month.  I don't "feel" it is this month but it could be !!!!  Come Lord JESUS!!!!

Carol Garza