Carl Berryman (4 Apr 2011)
"The strong delusion - being sold to the nations of the world"




Thought these links and films may be of interest to fellow watchers.


The first film is full of info on the forces and influences that are driving our world to a New World Order, and covers a range of subjects, which makes this film quite well-rounded. Click on the link below.


For more on the founding of the US by the Masons, you have to read Tom Horn, and in particular his book ‘Apollyon Rising and 2012’. He delves into great depth about the infernal deception that Lucifer and his earthly minions are playing out, using the US as a stage post. Two video links below:


Chris Pinto, through his film company Adullam Films, has also produced some very good films outlining the agenda of the so-called founding fathers. Anti-Christian to the core as most were free-masons.


Ever wondered why that in a supposedly Christian country, US, there is not one cross or representation of Christianity, Christ, or the Father in the nation’s capital? You’ll only find Greek or pagan gods, Egyptian obelisks, domes (as in Rome at the Vatican and London) and temples.


I believe this is the great delusion sold to the world by Lucifer and his puppet leaders. They know Jesus is coming soon and are gearing up to build their New World Order in time for Lucifer to arrive in 2012, to take Jesus on in battle.  Even Revelation tells us so. How deceived are they!!


These books and films will explain in more detail.


Keep looking up...He’s coming soon...repent and make it in the first wave of saints...and avoid all these things


In Him,