Carl Berryman (2 Apr 2011)
"To Suzi - Re To Carl - Tap & Go - change to small coins"

Hi Suzi


Thanks for that info. Just amazing the lengths these illuminists are willing to go!!


I also believe that the change to small coins for traditionally large denominations ($1 and $2 notes) are also part of the plan to devalue cash.


Has the US moved to gold coins yet for its $1 and $2 notes? I know there was talk of it not long ago.


We have here in New Zealand, and I know this is the case for some time now in Australia and UK.


In addition to the move to gold $1 and $2 coins, here in NZ they have reduced our high value coins (50, 20 and 10 cents) in size and changed the metal from silver to copper.


I believe that to have changed those notes to coins just reduces their value in the mind of the user and increases the nuisance factor – ie, we all know it is more problematic to carry around a lot of coins!! Therefore, much easier to be cashless!!


As per the usual Fabian Society strategy of incrementalism, this move has been happening in all the Masonic founded western societies, such as in New Zealand, Australia, Canada, UK and US, and worldwide. This is their plan to entrap all the citizens of the world, setting up the system to ultimately hand over the people and countries to their god Lucifier (Osiris, Apollo, Appollyon), when he is set to arrive around 2012.


Good luck to them. They have been sold one big pup, so to speak, and have been sucked into the short-lived promise of power and wealth.


They don’t realise that their god has no grace or faithfulness and will eventually lead them to destruction, which will be delivered to them by our King of Kings and Lord of Lords.


The smiles, pride and smugness, which you see all over the TV when they are prancing around feeling good about themselves and their wars, will quickly disappear as they bow to the great almighty God, Creator, Alpha and Omega, Jesus Christ our Lord, when he comes in all his power and great glory!! a vision....hard to imagine...but....Amen to that, so be it!!


I just wanna be there to see these guys get what’s coming. The wise are given that privilege. Thank you Lord. Come quickly!


In Him always,


Carl Berryman

Napier, NZ