Bruce Warner (20 Apr 2011)
"TO: Michael Colunga RE: YOUR RESPONSE ON (19 Apr 2011) TO MY PREVIOUS POST..."

Dear Brother Michael,

In your response you stated, "The last time I checked, a fruit is not a grain." Please read the following Scriptures:

Leviticus 23:10 & 20 (Feast of Firstfruits & Feast of Pentecost)
(10)"When you enter the land I am going to give you and you reap its harvest, bring to the priest a sheaf of THE FIRST GRAIN you harvest.
(20)"The priest is to wave the two lambs before the Lord as a wave offering together with THE BREAD OF THE FIRSTFRUITS."

I do believe that these Scriptures are both referring to the 'first grain' of the harvest as the 'firstfruits' of the 'grain' harvest. The "bread of the firstfruits" is certainly made from grain, not fruit. Scripture refers to 'grain' as the 'fruit' of the field.

You also stated,"Brother Bruce, it is a good idea that when you read the Word, that you understand the Word. Don't make fundamental errors, like claiming that the Omer count starts on Firstfruits." Please read the following Scripture:

Leviticus 23:15
"From the day AFTER the Sabbath(the day AFTER is Firstfruits Sunday), the day you brought the sheaf of the wave offering (which is the Sabbath day BEFORE Firstfruits Sunday), count off seven FULL WEEKS. Count off FIFTY DAYS up to the DAY AFTER the seventh Sabbath (again, the day AFTER the Sabbath is Sunday)."

I do believe that the Omer count 'BEGINS' on the 'first day of the week' which is 'Firstfruits Sunday' and runs for seven FULL (seven day) WEEKS. The DAY AFTER the 'seventh sabbath' is also a Sunday. (seven full weeks X seven days per week = 49 days + 1 day = 50 days) The Omer count 'begins and ends' on a Sunday which is "THE DAY AFTER THE SABBATH".

You also stated, "If someone substitutes 'twilight' or 'sunset' for 'even', then they miss the whole point of Passover." Please read the following 'two' translations of Scripture:

Leviticus 23:5 (KJV)
"In the fourteenth day of the first month AT EVEN is the Lord's Passover."

Leviticus 23:5 (NKJV)
"On the fourteenth day of the first month AT TWILIGHT is the Lord's Passover."

I do believe that the use of the words "even" and "twilight" in these translations are equivalent here.

On this, your statement, WE DO AGREE: "One must rightly divide the Word of Truth"

Love you brother.
YBIC, Bruce Warner