Bruce Baber (2 Apr 2011)

If you can accept that the clock started ticking in 1948 and that the days of this generation are drawing to a close in the next few days or weeks, then you know that we will be caught up to meet Jesus very, very soon.  May 14th is about the end of the timeline as far as I can tell, but others may be correct in asserting that the rapture will occur in April.

We are about to meet Jesus face to face.  This is something I can barely grasp.  I'm reminded of a song that asks the questions...Will I dance for joy, or will I fall at His feet?  That may not be an exact quote, but the questions do entertain my imagination.  I think my first inclination will be to fall down in worship, knowing I am not worthy of such love.
Our bodies and our very natures will be changed.  I'm ready for that part.  Since I first started "watching", I have gotten older, slower, and grayer.  Who is that man I see in the mirror everyday?  I remember when he was young.  An eternally young body awaits.  That old sin nature will be crushed and wiped out too.  I'm ready for that.

We'll be reunited with loved ones who went before us to paradise.  I can't wait for the reunion.  Members of my family will be waiting.  How can I possibly imagine the joy?

Jesus will hand us white stones with new names that will be the secret names that He has chosen for us.  I think these names were known by Him since before the world was created.  Perhaps before time itself.  What might those names be?

Some say we will get mansions in heaven.  I'm not so sure about that.  I do know I'd be happy with a little stone cottage in the woods.  Perhaps a winding path will lead me to it and there will be a stone bridge over a stream.  I think I'd like that.
We've all been entertained by books and stories in our youth that were magical.  In paradise there will be no such thing as magic.  There will be the miraculous.  Miracles will be an everyday occurrence.  Remember the widow who had a jar of oil that kept refilling?  Or, the story where Jesus multiplied the fishes and loaves?  Remember the bible stories that told of animals talking?  Maybe you'll have a teapot that never runs out of the best tea you ever had.  Maybe you'll enjoy the aroma of fresh baked bread that keeps multiplying and never running out.  Maybe your old/renewed pet will walk up to you and say "Welcome home."  I'd like to think so.

Maybe C. S. Lewis will drop by for a visit.  Or Paul.  Or John.  Maybe the best part will be meeting new friends.

I guess you caught me daydreaming.  I don't know if some of these thoughts are accurate.  I am certain that some of them are true.  I know I didn't think of everything.  I didn't mention the wedding feast, did I?


We will know all about it soon.



Bruce Baber